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We know exactly all the (common) mistakes that often are made when designing a Mystery Shopping program. And we know as well how to prevent any of these inaccuracies. With Helion you can rest assured that your research results will be scientifically robust and meticulous.

From research definition to questionnaire design all the way up to data collection ... Helion Research masters the scientific techniques to guarantee valid performance data.

There are extensive field parameters which can influence the validity of your research results, and therefore undermine management decisions taken because of these results.

Helion is well-placed to advise how to manage and overcome these risks, by implementing field research which will deliver accurate Customer Experience data.


As it is common in any research field, sampling and non-sampling errors need to be controlled and reduced to the lowest level possible.

It is self-evident you want us to deliver a representative sample of data to enable you to take correct decisions.

As one of the first agencies in the industry, Helion Research has developed soundproof sampling models for Mystery Shopping programs in specific.

Correct sampling in Mystery Shopping is a specialization on its own. We can help you deploy the correct methodology in any situation, in any industry.

Valid Research

Apart from sampling, there are many other systematic or random errors that can be made in Mystery Customer research. These mistakes can heavily impact the validity and reliability of your performance data.

Due to our extensive expertise in the field, we have defined over 30 main methodology mistakes that commonly cause validity or reliability errors. Helion knows how to prevent and/or reduce them.

Correct management actions can only be taken based on correct performance data.

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