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Helion is built on strong values. They are important elements of our corporate strategy – influencing the way we work, every day, again and again.

We are a people’s company

Our people are crucial to (y)our (customers) success. Achieving your expectations fully depends on the engagement, the enthusiasm and commitment of the Helion community.

Your contact with Helion will not be limited to Excel sheets, Powerpoint slides, contracts or junk e-mail. You will be communicating with people (working on Excel sheets, Powerpoint slides …).

And even more important: life is too short. We aim to be a bunch of nice people. Interesting people, curious people, people with an opinion.

Honesty & Trust

Life is not always easy. Mistakes can and will be made. Some client programs can and will be challenging.

When things go smoothly, you will notice that. When things do not, you might not even notice, but we will inform you anyway. Again, we are a people’s business and occasionally people make mistakes. Whenever this might occur, we will inform you and make sure we set things straight.


We will also inform you about possible limitations. In all fairness, you need to know what you can and cannot expect from the services we provide. With our experience, we know what works and what does not, and our customers need to know that.

Openness & Diversity

Helion works the globe, only with openness to new ideas or other ideas, new challenges, new cultures we can grow with, together with you and your customers. Our global experience helped us to appreciate the similarities and the differences which can be at street level.
Moreover, openness is needed to trigger innovation and improvement; only with an open mind we were able to grow.

Innovation & Improvement

Some of us are genuinely addicted to novelty, but luckily we have some conservatives in our midst as well. We will not abandon proven methods for the sake of innovation. However, we do bring ourselves into discussion on a daily basis. What can we improve? Are there other ways? Better ways? Debate leads to improvement ...

We strive to be the best

Shared ambition is a cornerstone of Helion. It is a slippery slope when one starts lowering one’s standards, and therefore we stretch to exceed them. Constantly trying to learn, trying to improve.

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