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Importance of Customer Experience

Research has shown that a majority of customers, due to structural failure of companies delivering the brand promise, do actually not expect to get a great Customer Experience.

These companies who are able to match the brand promise, and do deliver great customer experiences, will gain long term brand loyalty, delighted customers and brand advocates.

Power To The People

The voice of the customer is crucial in maintaining your brand on the market. It is the customer who will decide if your brand will survive.

Word-of-mouth, and in these days especially word-of-mouse (no, not the animal), becomes an important factor how your brand is perceived by your targeted customers.

Because of the internet a local Customer Experience has a global impact. You will find thousands of personal experiences online, and unluckily, mostly of very dissatisfied customers.

On average you will share a poor or frustrating experience with 5-10 people. Due to the internet this negative feedback isn’t only prolonged in time, but as well in numbers and geographical reach.

Same with great customer experiences. A great customer experience creates brand advocates.

Brand advocates can be considered as a viral phenomenon.

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