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Helion Research is genuinely global. With our own field force of 400.000+ evaluators in 100+ countries worldwide we are specialized in multi-country research solutions.

Our network of evaluators covers the globe. These people are recruited, trained and certified in the same consistent way wherever they are.

With Helion you get one company that will design your program, one company that uses its own trained and certified field force to assemble the data in a reliable way, but also one company that ensures consistency in data reporting.

Helion works in over 100 countries and knows about the common issues that arise in international research. As such, it is the right agency to support your objectives and turn them into valid results.

Your Benefits?

  • Cost

    Both the cost on your side to manage a program as the actual total cost of the project will be much lower than the expenses you would make when using different agencies for the same project.

  • Data quality

    Consistency in recruitment, training and certification, form translations and data gathering will result in a much higher data quality.

  • Data delivery

    Flexibility in data delivery will not only speed up your action time frame but you are sure you are comparing like for like.

  • Comfort and dedication

    Your account manager will be your single point of contact for your program, speaking your language and sharing your dedication to the project.

What we do

Mystery Shopping

Monitor & improve. We use Mystery Shopping as a proven methodology to measure your performance and those of your competitors. Being it sales, trade-marketing or customer experience focused, Helion is one of the leading research agencies in this sector.

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Retail Auditing

Implement. Measure. Act. We deliver leading companies crucial insights on the successful implementation of their trade-marketing investments, their campaign effectiveness and pricing strategies.

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Customer Research

Preferences, motivations, buying behavior? Or have your investments impacted shopping experience? Our insights will help you to define, optimize and monitor your customer experience strategy.

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