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It is of strategic importance for manufacturers to understand the ROI of its various Trade-Marketing investments. The main reason is to make informed decisions on how to make most efficiently use of its budgets, improve the execution of the various deliverables and help in its negotiations with partner retailers and agencies.

To positively impact the in-store conversion rate, manufacturers spend considerable amounts on trade-marketing (in-store sales and marketing activities). It is of the utmost importance for manufacturers to understand the competitive context of their brand and product lines within the multi-branded sales channels that their brand competes in.

Despite expenditures on trade marketing, most manufacturers have little information on in-store effectiveness and ROI of the different in-store trade marketing expenditures.

We use the methodology of Mystery Shopping and Retail Auditing to deliver you valuable insights on key in-store sales conversion metrics.

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Our Strengths

Our tailor-made Solutions are built on some unique Strengths.

Specialized Research Expertise

We know exactly all the (common) mistakes that often are made when designing a Mystery Shopping program. And we know as well how to prevent any of these inaccuracies. With Helion you can rest assured that your research results will be scientifically robust and meticulous.

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Better Analytics and Insights

We have the ambition to provide you with vital observations, and by doing so we strive to be the best. Helion has developed state-of-the-art research models based on data derived from Mystery Shopping surveys.

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Research methodologies used

Mystery Shopping

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Retail Auditing

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Customer Research

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