About Helion Research

Helion Research is one of the world's leading Mystery Shopping agencies, with a strong focus on Customer Experience Measurement, Sales Channel Effectiveness & Business Intelligence.

visual about us

So far, hundreds of clients across various industries have been successfully supported by a broad range of tailored and insightful research solutions, resulting in an improved Customer Experience, enhanced sales and a better Trade-Marketing performance.

With over 15 years of experience, we are a recognized leader in our domain. Numerous leading brands, Market Research & Consulting agencies have benefited from our consulting expertise.

Therefore we are very proud of our clients’ track record and how our thorough feedback helped them to boost their operation and outperform their market.

Why Helion Research

We deliver more insights, we can guarantee more valid data, and we are truly global.

What we do

We use the methodology of Mystery Shopping & Auditing to measure your branded touchpoints, be it focused on Sales, Trade-Marketing or Customer Experience.


We have the ambition to provide you with vital observations, and by doing so we strive to be the best. Our partners are driving our global team in this commitment.

Our values

Helion is built on strong values. They are important elements of our corporate strategy – influencing the way we work, every day, again and again.

Our team

Our people make the difference, and they make your success.


Helion is an ambitious company, built by ambitious people. Come and grow with us!

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