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Customer Service Experience

Our Solutions

Customer Service Experience

You heard it before: do not leave your Customer Experience to chance. But if you want to manage it, you will need to measure it.

Customers are willing to pay a premium for the extra value delivered by a relevant Customer Experience.

  • But how do you manage your customer Experience?
  • To which extend have you designed, mapped and are you delivering a well-planned customer experience strategy, built around your customer’s expectations?
  • How does your performance compare with your competitors?

A managed Customer Experience will take the chance out of the brand delivery, it leads to fewer misalignment, reduces the perception of ‘commoditization’ and improves employee commitment. The improved consistency will result in less frustrated and confused customers (and employees), driving loyalty in the long run.

Yet, in order to manage your Customer Experience successfully, you will need to know where to start. We use Mystery Shopping as a proven methodology to track the implementation of your Customer Experience standards.

Research models reveal which items and standards during in-store experiences and sales interactions are impacting - and to which extent - the overall purchase intent, shopping experience and channel loyalty.

We have tailored measurement solutions for specific touchpoints. We know exactly how to design programs, discarding the research risks which might blur your results (and thus also your management decisions).

Based on your needs, Helion can advise you on focused and efficient measurement techniques, with a cost-effective return on investment.

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Our Strengths

Our tailor-made Solutions are built on some unique Strengths.

Unique Panel Quality

One of the largest and strongest Mystery Shopper panels in the industry is at your service. Carefully screened, trained and certified, using a unique profiling methodology.

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Consistent Global Coverage

Helion Research is genuinely global. With a 250.000+ field force in 100+ countries worldwide we are specialized in multi-country research solutions. Our proven global approach delivers consistent, accurate results.

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Research methodologies used

Mystery Shopping

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Retail Auditing

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Customer Research

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