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Our pricing research will deliver you insights on the pricing dynamics in your market. Retailer adherence to pricing policies, competitive price positioning, discount strategies … Name it, we have measured it.

Market and pricing dynamics make pricing studies necessary. An increasing multi-channel environment has made it much harder and way more complex to manage your pricing strategies in an optimal way. Specifically if prices are not listed, or when all types of discount strategies are widely used in the sector.

Helion‘s customized pricing research caters for different needs. Recommended retail price strategies of manufacturers, discount strategies in automotive, customer-tailored pricing in the insurance industry, online versus offline, promotion strategies and cashback actions …

Our competitive research will deliver you detailed information on competitors’ pricing strategies and their respective promotion and discount strategies.

We develop customized programs, for retailers as well as for manufacturers.

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Our Strengths

Our tailor-made Solutions are built on some unique Strengths.

Specialized Research Expertise

We know exactly all the (common) mistakes that often are made when designing a Mystery Shopping program. And we know as well how to prevent any of these inaccuracies. With Helion you can rest assured that your research results will be scientifically robust and meticulous.

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Better Analytics and Insights

We have the ambition to provide you with vital observations, and by doing so we strive to be the best. Helion has developed state-of-the-art research models based on data derived from Mystery Shopping surveys.

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Research methodologies used

Mystery Shopping

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Retail Auditing

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Customer Research

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