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Did you know that some of the largest Market Research, Consulting and Training companies use our Mystery Shopper panel to fulfill their research needs?

You need to execute a Mystery Shopping program, but you experience issues in executing your Fieldwork due to a limited Mystery Shopper panel? Contact us, we might be able to help you out. No small thinking, we think there are enough needs out there. ‘Competition’ is an unknown word to us ;-)

We offer one of the strongest panels in the industry (see: Our Panel). Carefully selected, thoroughly screened, well-trained and above all with a global reach!

Do you see opportunities?

We think it is impossible to be an expert in every domain that impacts the Customer Experience.

To provide our clients with the best possible value, we partner with experts who own the leading edge in their domain.

Do you think we could be a surplus for you in your domain, or vice versa? Contact us. We are always open to new ideas when it comes to developing better Research Solutions.

You have the dream of delivering Helion Solutions in your local market? Contact us as well!

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