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In this highly evolving industry we are serving automotive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Helion Automotive combines more than 15 years of extensive expertise in Customer Experience and Business Intelligence Programs.

From established to emerging markets, from retail experience to pricing research. We work for volume brands as well as luxury brands, within a global perspective.

In this hypercompetitive industry Customer Experience is crucial. We help clients to boost their dealer development and servicing levels.

We help you monitoring your sales performance, such as your successes in lead follow-up, your insights on the performance of your competitors, your motor show activity and your used car programs.

We not only track the performance of your dealer network, but of the service Call Centers too. During the entire sales and after-sales process, from customer interaction to dealer standard audits.

Last but not least we can deliver you insights on the true OTR prices of your models and those of your competitors. Which promotional activities and transaction prices are finally driving conversion rates? What is your competitors discount and incentive policy?

Our research, insights and consulting solutions have supported leading brands improving their customer service, operational efficiency, their pricing strategies and sales.

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Solutions used

Helion offers tailor-made solutions for various business needs. Read more about some of our solutions for the Automotive Industry.

Sales Performance

Drive your sales effectiveness. We use Mystery Shopping as a highly effective method to track and develop your sales force. And we give you valuable insights on where it goes wrong in your sales funnel.

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Pricing Research

Our customized programs will deliver you insights on the pricing dynamics in your market. From retailer adherence to pricing policies over competitive price positioning to discount strategies. We deliver insights to retailers as well as to manufacturers.

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Research methodologies used

Mystery Shopping

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Retail Auditing

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Customer Research

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