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The travel landscape continues to evolve. We help you building your service experience in this challenging climate. Restaurant or hotel chains, carriers or travel agencies can benefit from our customized programs to measure and improve your Customer Experience.

Helion is a leading provider in the travel and hospitality industry: from car rental to travel retail, from individual hotel performance to a top class dining experience.

The global outlook in the travel and hospitality branch remains positive, thanks to rising disposable incomes in emerging economies and overall relaxation of visa requirements.

But challenges remain. By means of an increasing multi-channel environment, where customers have many options, and where customer loyalty is the most important factor. The evolution to a mobile era is having a major impact on the travel industry as well. Consumers have different channels, word of mouth becomes crucial and travelers demand real time answers.

Superior customer service and the delivery of a differentiated brand experience will be key parameters. Therefore the travel and hospitality industry will need to invest significantly in training and development.

Helion works with the world's leading airlines, global hotel chains, tour operators and car rental companies to optimize their Customer Experience and drive customer loyalty.

Our insights help you to improve your business both top and bottom line.

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Solutions used

Helion offers tailor-made solutions for various business needs. Read more about some of our solutions for the Travel, Hospitality & Leisure Industry.

Customer (Service) Experience

Helion is one of the leading research agencies in the Customer Experience domain. We use Mystery Shopping as a proven method to manage and improve the experience you deliver to your customers.

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Infrastructure & POS Compliance

Being in the right place, at the right time, at the right price. We execute compliance audits in various industries for various reasons. From infrastructure to VM, from planogramming to SKU counting.

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Research methodologies used

Mystery Shopping

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Retail Auditing

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Customer Research

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