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Helion is one of the leading research agencies in this highly competitive sector. Based on our extensive experience we are best placed to deliver high-impact insights and create competitive advantages for our clients.

We help you detecting the opportunities and threats in your multi-channel strategies.

We give you the necessary insights on the performance of your sales channel strategies and your trade-marketing investments. Online as well as offline, within a global context.

  • Do you know how well your brands perform in the multi-branded retail space?
  • What about your RRP price strategies?
  • How well do your product training programs work?
  • What is the performance of your in-store promoters?
  • How is the retailers’ staff brand advocacy?
  • How are your products recommended?
  • How successful are your product introductions?
  • What about your POS investments & product positioning?
  • And what is your performance compared to your competitors?

In this constantly expanding business reliable and fast insights are needed to stay cost-efficient and beat the competition.

We work for retailers as well as for manufacturers. We work for telecom, consumer electronics, IT, service providers, office equipment and photo/imaging manufacturers.

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Solutions used

Helion offers tailor-made solutions for various business needs. Read more about some of our solutions for the Technology Industry.

Brand Recommendation

A significant part of the purchase decision for products is made in-store. Customers rely on the product expertise of sales staff. Conversion rate in multi-branded sales channels is therefore heavily influenced by the product recommendation done by the sales person. Our research gives you insights in these in-store sales dynamics.

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Trade-Marketing Performance

It is of strategic importance for manufacturers to understand the ROI of its various Trade-Marketing investments. We use the methodology of Mystery Shopping and Retail Auditing to deliver you valuable insights on key in-store sales conversion metrics.

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Research methodologies used

Mystery Shopping

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Retail Auditing

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Customer Research

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