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Retail research. The core of our business. Online and offline. Our researchers comprehend this industry from the inside out. From attracting attention to impacting purchase decisions. We can help you wherever you are, and whatever your challenge is.

We help you in defining and tracking your different touchpoints and moments of truth, impacting store and brand loyalty.

Our research models will give you in-depth insights on which KPI’s are meaningful to loyalty and to purchase intent. But also, which ones require taking action to guarantee future success?

We have software portals at your disposal for quick access to your results and automated action planning, which enables you to manage your retail operations successfully.

Furthermore, we identify priorities and improvement areas. From visual merchandising over seasonal window campaigns to employee training. From detecting gaps in the staff sales skills to analyzing the delivery of a consistent Customer Experience.

Our Retail specialists know everything about multi- and crosschannel management, value positioning in the customer service retail landscape, in-store consumer decision-making, destination versus non-destination stores, VM & POS implementation …

Technologies have dramatically changed the industry. E-retailing is not a buzzword anymore. As much as we operate offline, we will still assist you in measuring the performance of your e-retailing channels.

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Solutions used

Helion offers tailor-made solutions for various business needs. Read more about some of our solutions for the Retail Industry.

Sales Performance

Drive your sales effectiveness. We use Mystery Shopping as a highly effective method to track and develop your sales force. And we give you valuable insights on where it goes wrong in your sales funnel.

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Customer (Service) Experience

Helion is one of the leading research agencies in the Customer Experience domain. We use Mystery Shopping as a proven method to manage and improve the experience you deliver to your customers.

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Research methodologies used

Mystery Shopping

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Retail Auditing

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Customer Research

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