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From OTC to personal care products, we help companies optimizing their multiple channels on how to engage with the end customers. It is all about sales channel effectiveness and ROI on your trade-marketing investments.

Despite the global financial crisis, the worldwide market of OTC and personal care products has seen a constant growth. This is mainly caused by a growing consumer interest in personal well-being, higher disposable income and a substantial promotion of self-medication.

However, competition is multiplying. And regardless the expanding opportunities, there are increasing challenges to operate well in this sector, due to the more complex multichannel distribution model.

Commercial effectiveness is therefore necessary to improve both top and bottom line results.

Helion Research guides you as a manufacturer to compete effectively in this puzzling environment.

Our research solutions will give you intelligence in these factors, influencing purchase intent ratios.

What is the role of the Health Care Professional in the product recommendation, and how can you optimize this. What is your ROI on trade-marketing investments, and the impact on purchase intent.

Our Product Recommendation and Trade-Marketing performance studies will help you to optimize your spending on trade-marketing, and help you to maximize the recommendation ratios.

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Solutions used

Helion offers tailor-made solutions for various business needs. Read more about some of our solutions for the Health & Personal Care Industry.

Brand Recommendation

A significant part of the purchase decision for products is made in-store. Customers rely on the product expertise of sales staff. Conversion rate in multi-branded sales channels is therefore heavily influenced by the product recommendation done by the sales person. Our research gives you insights in these in-store sales dynamics.

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Trade-Marketing Performance

It is of strategic importance for manufacturers to understand the ROI of its various Trade-Marketing investments. We use the methodology of Mystery Shopping and Retail Auditing to deliver you valuable insights on key in-store sales conversion metrics.

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Research methodologies used

Mystery Shopping

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Retail Auditing

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Customer Research

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