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Dependent on your needs, Helion can advise you on focused and efficient Mystery Shopping programs, with a cost-effective return on investment.

Our Mystery Shopping services incorporate different techniques for the measurement of various customer touchpoints: face-to-face contact, telephone calls, e-mail contact, web-based enquiries, lead generation...

The 'Mystery Shops’ can have different focuses: it can have a focus on the Sales interactions, After-Sales Services, Product Knowledge, Integrity, Pricing and/or infrastructure and environment. Be it within a B2B or B2C environment. Find out more about our solutions.

Our extensive experience throughout different types of sales channels and industries enables us to provide you with tailor-made solutions. Carefully selected and trained Mystery Shoppers will visit your store, dealership, restaurant ... on agreed times and days to evaluate these touchpoints.

Our Shoppers are carefully trained to observe, experience and measure any customer service process to assess performance against specific criteria, and to report back on their experiences in a comparable, consistent, detailed and objective way.

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Our Strengths

Our tailor-made Services are built on some unique Strengths.

Unique Panel Quality

One of the largest and strongest Mystery Shopper panels in the industry is at your service. Carefully screened, trained and certified, using a unique profiling methodology.

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Consistent Global Coverage

Helion Research is genuinely global. With a 250.000+ field force in 100+ countries worldwide we are specialized in multi-country research solutions. Our proven global approach delivers consistent, accurate results.

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